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The pre-eminent provider of headset and telephony technology

True Blue India is a leading Platinum connect partner for Plantronics headsets in India

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  • Plantronics
    Plantronics EncorePro
    Encorepro 700 Series
    Invest in your top performers Reward your top performers with our top-of-the-line Plantronics EncorePro 700 headset series, designed for... More
  • Trueblue
    True Blue Voice TBV-S61 Bluetooth headset
    Bluetooth Stereo Headphone – Long Music Time                       Features:... More
  • Plantronics
    Voyager Focus UC
    Voyager Focus UC
    You're not just on the call. You are in it. Keep the focus on your conversation, not background noise, with the sophisticated noise... More
  • Plantronics
    Plantronics Voyager Legend UC
    Voyager Legend UC
    Finally, a UC headset that works hard to make things easy Answers the call, answers to you. Plantronics Voyager Legend UC meets the demands... More


  • Why Wireless?

    Never be tied to your desk again, and roam the office freely without missing a call thanks to wireless technology that makes using your desk phone almost as convenient and portable as using a mobile phone...


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